PizzaRox in Boynton Beach will live and die on 12-inch pizzas, but there is a build-your-own salad option as well.


This place will live and die on 12-inch pizzas, but there is a build-your-own salad option as well. And don’t forget the five different dessert pizzas that sound amazing. Next time we’ll be sure to order dessert.


It’s a pizza place, not fine dining, but the décor is fine and the restaurant and restrooms are very clean.

Our favorite food/price

We’ll admit we were a little intimidated by all the choices. First you choose a crust (with a gluten-free option), then choose between five sauces, nine cheeses, nine meats, 18 veggies and 14 “after bakes,” which include barbecue sauce, sriracha sauce, nutella and others. Or, you can choose one of the 14 signature pizzas. That’s the route we took, ordering the Great Balls of Fire Buffalo chicken pizza ($10), and the Valley Girl pesto chicken pizza ($11). We also ordered an $8 salad with a choice of four greens and 16 veggies, fruits, nuts, etc. For $2 more you can get eggs, cheese or meat on your salad, with seven different dressing choices. Everything in the salad was super fresh. The Buffalo chicken pizza was good, but we liked the pesto chicken pizza best despite the fact that we thought less pesto would have been better, and another 15 seconds in the oven would have helped a crust that was a little undercooked. But flavor-wise, it was best.

Reason to go

We’d hate to have to do the math on the number of choices of pizzas you can make here. It would be in the thousands, so everyone should be happy. Also, everything was very, very fresh.


It’s fast. You order at a counter, choosing the items you want on your pizza or salad. The pizzas cook in 90 seconds, so in about the time you have picked up your silverware and chosen your drink, the pizza is coming out of the oven.

Noise level

Although there were all ages in the place on a Saturday at noon, it does seem aimed at a younger audience. Some folks might find the music a little loud.

Kid friendly

What kid wouldn’t like pizza that allows one to choose his own ingredients? Bring ‘em in here by the droves. They’ll love it.