What does Community Partners of South Florida do?

Community Partners of South Florida is a housing and financial empowerment, child and family mental health, and community services to create lasting social change for generations.

How does your agency benefit the community?

Studies have shown that poverty is the single greatest threat to a child’s well-being, contributing to social, emotional and behavioral problems as well as poor health and mental health. We know it often takes more than one solution to help families overcome adversity and succeed. That’s why we target three strategic areas at once — health, housing and community — to help lift families out of adversity permanently.

When we help families up the ladder of economic mobility, ensure their mental well-being, make it possible to become homeowners, and encourage civic engagement, we’re not only changing the odds, we’re changing life’s path for future generations. And when that happens, we’re able to drive and grow our local economy for everyone’s benefit.

What is your agency’s focus for the future?

To support growth in the community, Community Partners is taking a neighborhood-by-neighborhood approach in areas where opportunities for upward economic mobility in Palm Beach County are greatest.

One example is RISE, a future Purpose Built Community in the north end neighborhood of West Palm Beach. RISE is a community-based solution focused on breaking the cycle of poverty through a model that focuses on holistic community revitalization by addressing housing, education, wellness and employment opportunities.

Community Partners is providing management services to RISE during its incubation stage through a grant from the Quantum Foundation and works closely with neighborhood residents to engage their expertise and address their needs and concerns.

How can the community help?

Community Partners has a wide variety of opportunities for individuals and groups to volunteer their time or contribute financially. Volunteer opportunities include mentoring children and youth, serving on committees and advisory groups, and helping with events. A gift to our nonprofit


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