To our readers:

Many of you have asked why the changes to The Ledger’s content this week, and how long will it last.

Rest assured: The reporters, photographs, columns and content that you enjoy reading and rely on are all still here.

Because The Ledger and News Chief are Polk County’s newspapers, it makes sense to highlight the communities’ news first: the news that impacts your life each day. To do that, we have moved those local stories to the front of our publications.

 Going forward, the A section is local news from our local reporters, photographers and columnists. Included in those pages are the Obituaries and State news of interest.

The B section is now fronted by our Life pages – stories on entertainment, trends, travel, food and lifestyles that interest and affect you. Inside the B section are Nation and World stories. The Weather presentation stays where it was, back page of B, and all other sections remain the same as before.

Although change can be unsettling, we think this one benefits you as we deliver local news first. Our commitment is to keep our readers as informed on community news as they are on national news.


Brian Burns, Publisher