One of the two recent traffic stops on Interstate 95 conducted by potential law enforcement impersonators has been resolved, and it was a real cop, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff's Office had posted warnings Wednesday about two cases where nurses had been stopped by suspicious men identifying themselves as officer.

One of them involved a woman traveling south on I-95 from work when red and blue lights came on from a car behind her, she told the Sheriff's Office. She said the vehicle looked like a dark four-door Chevrolet, while the man who got out identified himself as a Jacksonville detective and wore a “JSO Detective” ID around his neck. He said he stopped her for speeding and asked for her driver’s license. She said he did not appear to wear a gun and never showed a badge, then handed back her driver's license before driving down the County Road 210 exit.

St. Johns County officials now say the man was a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office detective driving a department vehicle.

The second incident has not been resolved, the Sheriff's Office said. A woman reported she was heading north to work from St. Johns County when red and blue lights came on behind her and a white man in a tan uniform asked for her driver's license. He said she had been speeding but told her this was "a warning” and gave her license back. The Sheriff's Office said its deputies do not wear tan uniforms.