A necropsy did not reveal conclusive evidence that the 13-foot reptile encountered a German shepherd at Shamrock Park, the state says.

VENICE — The necropsy conducted on a 13-foot alligator captured at Shamrock Park and Nature Center did not reveal conclusive evidence that the alligator attacked a dog, a Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission spokesperson said Thursday.

The alligator was captured Sunday at the park, located at 3900 Shamrock Drive, Venice, more than a week after one German shepherd had to be euthanized after an encounter with an alligator near a swampy area at the eastern edge of the park.

Englewood residents Susan Kosterman and Dr. Alan Knapp were walking the trails at the eastern end of the 80-acre park with two German Shepherds, Rio, a 6-year-old male, and Lucy, a 5-year-old female.

Both dogs were off leash briefly and not in sight of the owners.

Knapp told investigators that he heard one loud yelp from one of the dogs and splashing and saw Rio take off into the water. He then heard more yelps and saw Rio come out of the water bleeding heavily from his neck and head area.

Knapp and Kosterman called for Lucy but she never came.

The couple took Rio to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Port Charlotte in Port Charlotte, where he was euthanized because of his injuries.

Carl Selitti, a supervisor with the Sarasota County Animal Services, said the 13-footer may be the largest their team has ever been called out to wrangle.

Gators larger than four feet are killed for their meat and not relocated because of potential conflicts with gators in other habitats.

Dogs are allowed at Shamrock Park only if they are on a leash. The second German shepherd has not been located.