The Florida Gators have been playing a numbers game here this summer.

As in changing uniform numbers of some veteran players, and assigning numbers to the true freshmen who joined the roster earlier this week with their enrollment in Summer B.

Given the changes, you really will need a program to figure out who everybody is — at least early in the season.

Nine players have changed their numbers since the spring.

The one that sticks out is Antonneous Clayton going from No. 90 to No. 77, which apparently means he is moving from end to tackle.

The next most prominent number changes involve the wide receiver transfers — Trevon Grimes and Van Jefferson. Grimes is now No. 8 (after being 81) and Jefferson is No. 12 (after being No. 87).

Here are the other number changes: wide receiver Kadarius Toney from No. 17 to No. 4, quarterback Emory Jones from 14 to 5, linebacker Jeremiah Moon from 50 to 7, defensive end Zachary Carter from 94 to 17, cornerback Trey Dean from 35 to 21, defensive tackle Elijah Conliffe from 57 to 93.

Here are the numbers assigned to the true freshmen who joined the roster this summer: linebacker David Reese (4), tight end Lucas Krull (7), defensive back Justin Watkins (14), wide receiver Jacob Copeland (15), kicker Evan McPherson (19), defensive back John Huggins (26), defensive end/outside linebacker Malik Langham (35), offensive lineman Griffin McDowell (62), offensive lineman Richard Gouraige (76), tight end Dante Lang (81), tight end Kyle Pitts (84), defensive end/outside linebacker Andrew Chatfield (90).

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