With Hurricane Michael working its back to the ocean as a strong rain storm, all of us in Lake County are shocked by the damage and loss that our fellow Floridians have endured. The work ahead will be heavy and cause a great deal of misery on the people whose lives were turned upside down by this storm.

As Americans, we can rely on the spirit that the American people possess in times of tragedy to rebuild and make it even better.

During the devastating storm, newscasters risked their lives to keep all of us informed. A very special thanks must go out to them. I was very impressed by the ordinary citizens who rushed to help in any way they could from cutting branches from fallen trees so first responders could pass to removing debris from roads and driving through deep water to rescue others. One young lady that was interviewed said she "couldn't do much, but she could do this" while pulling debris out of the way of others.

This is what the American Spirit is all about, no waiting for someone else to do the work, but seeing what is needed and doing it. These are the people that need our thanks. As an older person, I am very thankful these Americans are here. They are true local heroes, just as those who are still helping.

Jim Wiegand, Leesburg