Busch Wildlife Sanctuary rehabilitated the animals for several months before releasing them back into the wild.

Three five-month-old gray fox kits and one adult blue heron were released into the wild Thursday after a months long rehabilitation process. This was done in partnership with Busch Wildlife Sanctuary.

Dozens of visitors walked 1.5 miles in scorching heat toward the site where the foxes and blue heron were let go into the wild. Benji Studt, public outreach program supervisor for Palm Beach County, instructed viewers that once the crates were open everyone should be as quiet as possible because the foxes would most likely become nervous if they heard loud voices.

I saw a great blue heron being released at Cypress Creek Preserve in #jupiterflorida and met a lovely barn owl named Athena...also walked about two miles to see 3 gray foxes released. Pretty good morning. Now I’m all sweaty and need a nap pic.twitter.com/LTnAppbNIy

— Adriana Delgado (@litadriana) August 8, 2019

There was hardly a whisper, but things still did not go according to plan.

One fox was out of sight seconds after the crate was open, while the other two stood frozen in place, seemingly paralyzed by their new moment of freedom. Finally, prompted by a bit of cheer from the audience, they ran off into the nearby bushes.

Studt told The Palm Beach Post that neither the foxes or the heron were fitted with trackers because they are not threatened species. He also said that the animals once released, "usually adapt well to their new surroundings."