Wastewater backed up into a home; rain and a homeowner draining his property are suspected, according to a state report.

About 70,000 gallons of sewage spilled from multiple manholes into a Manatee County neighborhood on Wednesday, the state reports.

According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, county staff were called at about 11 a.m. about overflowing sewage in the 3200 block of 21st Street East. When they arrived at the scene, they found five manholes and several cleanouts discharging sewage wastewater. Sewage also backed up into a house in the 2100 block of 30th Avenue East.

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A lift station was unable to keep up with the flow caused by rain. Staff also suspect a homeowner was draining his property through a cleanout. Tanker trucks were used to minimize the spill.

The total sewage discharge was estimated at 70,000 gallons. Because sewage entered a draining ditch, an investigation will be conducted to see if any surface water bodies were affected.

Cleaning of the area was to continue on Thursday.

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