Richard Warren Hoffmann was driving on tire rim while car leaked fluid, police say.

A Palm Beach man was charged with driving under the influence after police pulled over his 2020 BMW just after 2 a.m. Saturday.

Police observed Richard Warren Hoffmann, 56, swerve over the median then back across the shoulder line while fluid leaked from his car, the report said. The vehicle left gouge marks in the roadway from the rim of a flat front passenger tire, police said.

Hoffmann smelled of alcohol; had bloodshot, glassy eyes; slow, slurred speech; and "seemed confused," the report said.

He told police he did not know how the extensive front end damage to his car had occurred and fumbled trying to give police his driver license and registration, the report said.

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When asked if he had had any alcohol that evening, Hoffman told police he had consumed two drinks, the report said.

After failing five roadside sobriety tests, police charged Hoffmann with DUI and gave him a citation for causing damage to the roadway. He was taken to the Palm Beach County Jail where he blew a .130 and a .129 on a breathalyzer. The legal blood alcohol limit for driving in Florida is below 0.08. He was released from jail later the same day.

Police subsequently discovered a crash scene at 1616 S. Ocean Blvd., where a concrete wall had been damaged and vehicle parts consistent with the damage to Hoffmann’s vehicle were found, the report said.

They also found a trail of fluid leading from the crash site to where Hoffmann was stopped and arrested, the report said.

Hoffman previously was found guilty of three counts of speeding and one count of failing to drive in a single lane, according to public records.