He accidentally texted image of victim, who was unconscious after using pills and alcohol, to his ex-girlfriend, according to a report.

MANATEE COUNTY — A 37-year-old Bradenton man has been charged with an elevated count of sexual battery and video voyeurism after assaulting a woman who was passed out, a Manatee County Sheriff's Office arrest report says.

Daniel Murray DeSear is being held at the Manatee County jail on a $25,000 bail.

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He met the adult victim on July 14 after contacting her on Facebook Messenger, an instant messaging platform for the social media site Facebook.

According to the Sheriff's Office report, the victim agreed to meet him to go out for drinks at Applebee's Grill and Bar at 4301 Cortez Road in Bradenton. Before leaving, he gave the victim three Suboxone prescription pills also known as "subs." She consumed them.

The victim drove them to Applebee's, she recalls. They ate dinner and drank four margaritas.

She was feeling the effects of the alochol and asked DeSear to drive them back to her apartment. She drank a small amount of wine and the last thing she could recall was seeing DeSear sitting at her breakfast bar in her apartment.

The victim told detectives she passed out from the effects of alcohol and the pills.

When she awoke, she noticed she was naked in her bed, and DeSear was still there, in the process of leaving. Two days later, she received a call from his ex-girlfriend, who received an accidental text message from DeSear. It showed the victim lying on her bed exposed.

The victim confirmed the image was taken the night she and DeSear were together, while she was passed out, the report said.

Following the incident, the ex-girlfriend said DeSear visited her apartment asking to charge his cellphone. While he was gone, she searched the contents of his phone and found a photo gallery and multiple videos that showed him committing sexual acts on the victim while she was asleep, the report said.

She could be heard snoring in one of the videos.

DeSear could be identified by a tattoo on his left wrist that consisted of an eagle and dark-colored ink.

The victim used her cellphone to record the images and videos that were later provided to law enforcement.

DeSear learned that the victim found the images and has refused to cooperate with detectives prior to his arrest.