Chad Radcliffe says he has many talents. But the 29-year old Jacksonville man is hoping for a chance to use them.

Chad Radcliffe is by no means rooting for hurricanes.

But the 29-year-old homeless man said the bright side is that he can report to an area shelter for a roof over his head and a few meals.

“I’m trying to get my life together,” he said. “I can do a lot of things. I was a tile mason. I was a chef. I can detail cars.”

Radcliffe can also do wonders with a few palm leaves. He was sitting outside the shelter at the Landmark Middle School on Tuesday weaving them into the shape of green roses, and giving them to Red Cross volunteers and other evacuees from Hurricane Dorian.

“I’m a bit of an artist,” he said. “I can do this. I play the guitar. You should hear me on karaoke.”

With that he burst into a version of “I Can Love You Like That.”

He brightened up when he was told that later Tuesday night there would be a sing-along among the shelter residents.

“I’ll be there for that,” he said.

Radcliffe said he grew up in Jacksonville and that his father used to own a small used-car lot. But he said his life has taken a downward turn since both of his parents died and has been to Louisville, Ky., and Arizona trying to find work.

He didn't want to talk about what's caused his plight any more than that.

Radcliffe said he usually wanders the area around Atlantic and Hodges boulevards, sleeping in parking lots or sidewalks.

“Just me and the pavement,” he said.

And his green roses.