PALM BEACH GARDENS - Hurricane Dorian’s slow crawl toward Florida has frustrated forecasters, public officials and residents - many of them parents.

The storm’s snail-like pace has forced parents to get creative as pools, parks, libraries and child-centered businesses have remained closed throughout Palm Beach County, some since Friday.

Schools will be closed through at least Wednesday.

“We’ve done workbooks, played Bingo, watched Pokemon movies and eaten lots of junk,” said Jennifer Jones, a Palm Beach Gardens resident and mother of Niko, 7. “He’s also helped me clean and vacuum.”

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Dave Trietiak, of Palm Beach Gardens, also has tried a variety of different activities with Wurth, 4.

“We’ve done puzzles, barbecues and flying kites,” he said. “He’s pretty easy.”

Other kids are a little harder to entertain.

Ray Underwood, of Palm Beach Gardens, was nearly out of entertainment options for Blake, 4, by Tuesday.

“It’s a very big challenge,” Underwood said. “He has a lot of energy, and we’re running out of ideas at this point in time.”

The weather has been helpful to many parents trying to keep their kids busy during the storm.

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During breaks in the rain, many have gone outside.

Blake Underwood has been riding his bike, flying kites and hitching a ride on his dad’s golf cart.

Gabriela Marinescu’s two kids, ages 5 and 2, have been walking their dog and playing in their backyard.

“I don’t think they know what time of the day it is, because it’s so dark every day,” the Palm Beach Gardens mother said. “It’s been OK, since the weather hasn’t been so bad. We were just able to come outside. There’s a lot more kids in the neighborhood riding their bikes. It’s nice.“

Jennifer Jones has enjoyed the quality time she’s been able to spend with Niko, but she’s looking forward to returning to a normal schedule.

“I’m hoping school opens Thursday,” she said.