Jacksonville's mayor warns people in evacuation zones A and B "this is your last chance to evacuate."

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry warned Tuesday morning that “this is your last chance to evacuate” before Hurricane Dorian’s impacts slam vulnerable areas.

“We will feel major impacts from this storm,” Mayor Lenny Curry said at a morning briefing where he warned of strong wind and dangerous amounts of water.

Although the storm’s winds had slowed to 110 mph, the National Weather Service reported hurricane-force winds now extend 60 miles from the center.

“This is no time to rest and think that everything is going to be OK," the mayor said. "This is still a very serious storm."

Only a few hundred people were in the city’s dozen evacuation centers this morning, but hundreds of thousands of people live in the city’s evacuation zones A and B, the areas Curry previously told people to leave.

Jacksonville Transportation Authority service will stop at 1 p.m. Tuesday, with drivers shifting to operating evacuation runs from the Beaches. Paratransit drivers will operate as long as it’s safe, Curry said.

“For you and your families’ safety, please leave today,” Curry told people in evacuation areas.

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