The dispute had to do with a woman in her 90s whose shutters were not in place as Hurricane Dorian approached Monday, PBSO said.

GREENACRES - A Boynton Beach man learned this week that a gun is not the tool of choice for settling a dispute over hurricane shutters, according to a report.

Raffaele Tropeano, 58, took umbrage and pointed a handgun when a neighbor of his mother chided him for not helping her put up shutters on her Greenacres home as Hurricane Dorian approached, a Palm Beach County Sheriff's report said.

Tropeano was booked Monday at the Palm Beach County Jail, charged with armed occupied burglary and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He left custody the next day after posting a $4,000 bond. Tropeano said he did not want to comment Wednesday.

On Monday, in a community near 10th Avenue North and Jog Road, Tom Conley noticed his neighbor, who he believes is 93, had not yet prepared her home.

Conley, 64, told The Palm Beach Post on Wednesday that she told him her adult children had offered to come by Saturday but she'd said she wasn't ready for them, and they'd told her they'd come back Sunday.

On Monday afternoon, he said, the woman told him she’d called her daughter but no help had arrived.

"This thing was getting close. We didn't know what was going to happen," said Conley, who lives across the street from the woman.

He said he and the neighbor took about 45 minutes to secure or bring in lawn items and close up balky accordion shutters.

Conley, who relocated to Florida from New Jersey about a decade ago, said he has a chronic heart condition and shouldn't have been working on the home, but, "I did it anyway. Out of concern for an older woman."

He said he then left a voicemail for the daughter, who called back, and "we got into a heated exchange." He said he told her, "What kind of daughter are you?"

About 90 minutes later, he said, Tropeano pulled up. A Palm Beach County sheriff's report says two neighbors saw him step out holding a black handgun and walk into Conley's garage.

Conley told The Post that Tropeano "became very threatening, very aggressive, very hostile. I stood up and said, 'Hey look, why don't you back off? I already apologized to your sister.' "

He said Tropeano told him, "You don't know nothing about our family."

Conley reached for an unloaded BB gun. Tropeano couldn't see it, but the woman with him, whom the report said was his wife, saw Conley move, according to the police report.

Conley said Tropeano then pointed the gun.

"He said, 'I'll put 10 holes in you,' " Conley said. He said the wife told Tropeano, 'Put that down. Put it away.' "

The PBSO report said the wife took the gun from Tropeano and put it in the couple's car.

Tropeano was pulling out when deputies arrived, the report said. One of the two witnesses who said they'd seen Tropeano walk toward the garage told deputies he did see Tropeano point the weapon.

Staff researcher Melanie Mena contributed to this story.