LAKE WORTH BEACH - The outer wind bands of Hurricane Dorian were not enough to cause any significant outages for Lake Worth Beach, according to Utilities Director Ed Liberty.

The city experienced “surprisingly few” outages, Liberty said.

Preparing for the worst, the city had only 142 outages during a 32-minute span Saturday, said Jason Bailey, assistant director of system operations for Lake Worth Beach Utilities.

Most outages were handled by a line crew working around the clock, and more were prepared to step in if the storm hit at its full strength, Liberty said.

Emergency crews arrived Saturday before the storm. Liberty said he wanted to make sure the city would be prepared for a major hurricane.

If Lake Worth Beach utilities called in crews next week, emergency workers might already be promised to other cities or stranded.

In addition to the electric utility’s typical staff, 80 workers were put on call last weekend, and 40 were brought in Saturday.

“It pays off in the recovery time,” Liberty said.

Liberty said that much of the success was owed to “dramatically stepping up” the city’s tree trimming the past two years.

Tree trimmers and utility workers made their way around Lake Worth Beach on Saturday afternoon to deal with the trees that were most at risk.

Liberty said there were two people staffing the city’s power plant at all times this weekend, but there were no issues.

City staff will have its “post-game” chat next week - breaking down minor fixes and plans for the next storm that hits Lake Worth Beach. Liberty said he wouldn’t change much.