She told Boynton Beach police she drove away after the wreck because she was afraid. The man she hit fractured his neck, back and multiple bones in his face.

BOYNTON BEACH — Even Massillon was walking home early May 25 across a road he’d traversed dozens of times.

Brittany Hewtty was picking up a couple of friends.

Hewtty told Boynton Beach police that Massillon ran in front of her 2014 Nissan Altima shortly before 2:30 a.m. as she headed west on Boynton Beach Boulevard.

Massillon said he never saw the car.

One thing is clear: Hewtty drove off without checking on the critically injured Massillon, whose car had broken down a few blocks away.

Nearly three months later, a warrant was issued this week for the 25-year-old Lantana-area woman’s arrest. On Wednesday, Hewtty turned herself into the Palm Beach County Jail on charges of leaving the scene of a wreck with serious bodily injury and tampering with evidence, her attorney, Doug Leifter, said.

A judge ordered Thursday that Hewtty be released under supervision. She cannot leave Palm Beach County and must undergo random testing to ensure she isn’t consuming alcohol or non-prescription drugs.

Leifter said that Hewtty reached out to police shortly after the wreck and before officers ever contacted her. In June, she gave a complete statement regarding what happened. Leifter added that Hewtty is "taking full responsibility for her actions."

In her June 13 statement, Hewtty told authorities she was afraid and said that was why why she drove off. She said she was going "too fast" but didn’t know her exact speed. She said she could not avoid hitting 31-year-old Massillon.

An officer wrote in her arrest report that Hewtty said "she knew she wasn’t going to get into trouble because she had a similar incident years ago when a bicycle struck her vehicle."

The bicyclist was found at fault, according to the report.

After the May wreck, Hewtty hid the damaged car under a cover and left it on Northwest First Street. An anonymous tip led police to the location a few days later.

Police learned that Hewtty’s boyfriend contacted a tow truck driver on May 28 outside Rainbow City Food Store and asked how much it would cost to tow a car to a storage facility.

When the driver said he would have to contact his boss and ask, the man offered him cash for the tow.

No charges have been filed against Hewtty’s boyfriend in connection to the investigation, though police cited the plan to tow the car when explaining why they were charging Hewtty with evidence tampering.

Meanwhile, Massillon said he is adjusting to life after the crash. He suffered fractures in his neck, back and multiple bones in his face in addition to a brain bleed and bruised lungs. He said he spent a month in a hospital.

"Ever since I was little I was always taught to cross the street and look both ways and look twice," Massillon said by phone Thursday. "She just left me there."