Want to add the title “Guinness World Record Breaker” to your resume? The public is invited to help St. Johns Golf Club break the official Guinness World Record for “Most Participants to Hit a Golf Ball into a Target Area Simultaneously” on Saturday, Dec. 14 from 2 to 4 p.m.

The club is aiming for 120 participants to beat the existing record of 70 people. Participation is free and balls will be provided. Guests just need to bring a club to hit a 100-yard shot and sign-up in advance on Eventbrite.

Participants may bring family and friends, as Wingin’ It Food Truck, vendors, lawn games and more will be on hand to celebrate the attempt.

“As a county-owned golf course, St. Johns Golf Club offers a laid-back, welcoming golf experience for new players, seasoned pros, and everyone in between,” said Wes Tucker, director of golf at St. Johns Golf Club. “We thought that attempting to break a Guinness World Record would not only be a great way to invite the public to come visit our course while bringing some area pride to St. Johns County for holding a world record.”

St. Johns Golf Club is located just five minutes west of St. Augustine at 4900 Cypress Links Blvd., in Elkton. To help break the official Guinness World Record, reserve a spot on Eventbrite. For more information, go to SJGC.com or follow on Facebook and Instagram.