Patty Ann Neos, 53, was arrested on the charges after deputies responded to Stonecrest Meadows pool at 17488 SE 121st Circle around 8:30 p.m.

SUMMERFIELD — A 53-year-old woman was charged with two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer and one count of resisting arrest with violence after police said she allegedly pushed and positioned herself next to a Marion County Sheriff's Office deputy's gun holster and spit upon another deputy during a poolside incident Saturday night at a southeast Marion County gated community.

Patty Ann Neos was arrested on the charges after deputies responded to the Stonecrest Meadows pool at 17488 SE 121st Circle around 8:30 p.m.

An MCSO Incident Report states a man with community watch who was locking up the pool called law enforcement for assistance after he observed a person under a blanket in the pool area.

Deputy Ryan Stilth approached Neos, who was covered with a blanket, announced he was with MCSO, and then nudged her. In response, deputies said, she became hostile and indicated she lives in the neighborhood.

Neos told the deputy that she came to swim but it was too cold. She also told the deputy she "knew she was not supposed to be there but since it was a nice night she wanted to go swimming," the report states.

Stilth stated in his report that Neos continued to position her body right next to his gun holster and several times he had to move to avoid the contact.

The report also stated that when Stilth asked her to step away from his holster, she pushed her body against him and said "I'm stepping on your side."

"You going into the pool with me? Let's go," the report quotes Neos as stating to Stilth.

Stilth reported he was about five feet from the edge of the pool and that he tried to restrain Neos' hands when she struck him in the right hip twice.

Stilth stated he escorted Neos to the ground and placed her in handcuffs before placing her in a patrol vehicle as she kicked at deputies and the doors, the report states.

Deputies said Neos then complained her chest hurt. Marion County Fire Rescue responders were called, but her violent behavior made it impossible to check her condition, the report said. A family member signed a refusal for MCFR.

According to the report, when deputy Coon arrived to transport Neos, she began to spit through the cage to the front of the patrol car. After a spit hood was put on her, she removed it and spit on Coon's arm.

Neos was transported to the Marion County Jail.