MAY 6: A daily update of the news you need to know about the COVID-19 outbreak in Jacksonville and the rest of Northeast Florida.

The Florida Department of Health reported 68 new deaths statewide caused by the coronavirus, but numbers in Northeast Florida stayed mostly stagnant compared to 24 hours earlier, with the number of cases reported in Duval County declining.

Both the hospitalization and death totals statewide showed marked increases in the Wednesday update. Hospitalizations rose by 227 to reach 6,557, and the state reported 68 new deaths — just one day after the state reported the highest single-day increase from the previous day since April 28 on Tuesday — with a cumulative toll of 1,539.

The department reported 38,002 cases in the state, an increase of 563 from 24 hours earlier.

In Putnam County, the number of total cases diminished from 121 to 120.

Northeast Florida cases decreased from 1,786 to 1,783, a rare decrease instead of increase in reported cases. Notably in Duval County, reported cases decreased by seven.

The department has been inconsistent with its reports, sometimes chalking up changes to data entry errors from the labs processing the COVID-19 tests. It’s unclear if the down-tick in Duval cases is a result of tests being processed in Duval County and being attributed to a resident from a nearby county.

The department did not provide any explanation for the statistical inconsistency. Several inconsistencies, omissions or errors have appeared in state data since the pandemic’s beginning.

In Northeast Florida the death toll rose by one. The six-county region’s death toll is now 57: 26 in Duval, 19 in Clay, four each in Putnam and St. Johns, three in Baker and one in Nassau.

The new death reported in Clay County was an 80-year-old woman who was reported by the department as a verified COVID-19 case on April 7 and had recently traveled to New York.


Hospitalizations: 6,557

Deaths: 1,539

Cases in Northeast Florida

Duval: 1,077

Clay: 288

St. Johns: 216

Nassau: 60

Baker: 22

Putnam: 120

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Here’s what we know.


• Total Cases: 1,077

• Age Range: 0 to 100

• Men: 47%

• Women: 53%

• Unknown: less than 1%

• Black: 34%

• White: 41%

• Other: 8%


• Total Cases: 288

• Age Range: 6 to 95

• Men: 41%

• Women: 59%

• Unknown: less than 1%

• Black: 20%

• White: 58%

• Other: 6%

St. Johns

• Total Cases: 216

• Age Range: 2 to 97

• Men: 52%

• Women: 48%

• Unknown: less than 1%

• Black: 6%

• White: 77%

• Other: 7%


• Total Cases: 60

• Age Range: 15 to 89

• Men: 43%

• Women: 57%

• Unknown: less than 1%

• Black: 12%

• White: 81%

• Other: 3%


• Total Cases: 120

• Age Range: 6 to 98

• Men: 39

• Women: 61%

• Unknown: less than 1%

• Black: 40%

• White: 57%

• Other: 3%

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