There has been speculation who I would endorse for Polk County School Board District 1 for the Nov. 8 run-off election. I have made my decision: Hunt Berryman. 

Hunt Berryman is a successful and accomplished, seasoned businessman who values honesty, teamwork, unity and conservative values. 

Hunt has also demonstrated to me his passion regarding education and openness to build professional relationships, mutual respect and move forward with the majority of ideas that I and my supporters have voiced throughout my campaign, which began in December 2014. He also would make an effort to bring those ideas to fruition (change is a process which is dependent on seven School Board members), specifically ideas focusing on positive educational outcomes with Polk County's children. 

I look forward to my continued collaboration with Mr. Berryman to be part of the solution on sensitive educational issues that negatively impact students, parents, teachers and support staff in Polk County. 

Dr. Ed Shoemaker, PhD., LMHC 

Former candidate for School Board District 1