Did you see Mylan CEO Heather Bresch testifying in front of Congress? It was the same show we have seen with other CEOs. Nothing is going to change. But, everyone got their 15 minutes of airtime. 

No one representing consumers was present. The consumer did not get a second of airtime. 

Do you remember the news leading up to Desert Storm? Because of unknown toxins our military was provided with an injectable antitoxin. This delivery system was developed with U.S. government funding. It is the system the Mylan uses in EpiPen, according to the Sept. 22 New Yorker. 

OK, Mylan, how have you improved the injection system? How have you improved the serum? Specifically what improvement have you made to the whole product? What makes you think a generic at $300 is a bargain? 

There is another manufacturer of an injectable epinephrine shot. The manufacture is Amedra Pharmaceuticals. Amedra's price is $500.54 compared to Mylan's price of $735. These are still outrageous prices (and a $300 generic would undercut Amedra's price). 

Congress needs to pass legislation about spiraling drug prices. How many times have pharmaceutical companies used research, done on the public’s dime, to manufacture or enhance a product and increased the cost to you? 

OK, I need to stop this letter because my blood pressure is going up. So, I am off to take a blood pressure med. 

Ann Weeks