I, like most citizens of Lakeland, did not realize the city commissioners were going to consider an 82 percent pay increase effective in the 2016-2017 budget. Many of my friends do not recall seeing in The Ledger that it was being considered until we saw the article in the paper the day it was considered (Sept. 20). It was then passed the next day (Sept. 21) as reported by The Ledger.

The current commissioners were elected at the old rate. I would understand their desire to raise their pay now, but disagree strongly when the current rate is what the pay was when they were elected.

Why not wait until the next commission election? Eighty-two percent is way too much when the city employees will get from 1.5 percent to 4 percent. I think an increase of $13,000 is not what they were elected to. It would be wise to wait before putting it into effect. It would save the city about $100,000.

Bob Becker