In reference to Richard Derr’s recent letter, I have to wonder why he didn’t place his title with his name ["Protection from federal tyranny," Feb. 6]. Obviously to be able to interpret the Second Amendment as to what the Founding Fathers meant when it was written, he has to be a professor of history or constitutional law. 

Either that or he listens to the liberal left that would like to see guns banned altogether and accepts that as fact, just like I listen the conservative right because I have no issue with law-abiding citizens owning weapons for hunting or protection. Liberals please note that I did say law-abiding citizens. 

Even those professors and attorneys who have studied history and constitutional law disagree on what was meant when the Second Amendment was written, so Mr. Derr is really good. 

If you ask why I have to have a gun, I will reply it’s to keep you from breaking into my house or harming me. If you tell me that I don’t have to worry about you breaking into my house or harming me, I will tell you then you do not have to worry about my gun. 

Donald Rybak 

Haines City