I fell in love with Auburndale the moment I saw the city for the first time. It was a peaceful, "lakes everywhere" kind of place. 

I was born and raised in Belleair, a small town neighboring Clearwater. It sits right on the Gulf of Mexico. So I grew up enjoying all of the beauty that comes with living on the water.

When I first laid eyes on Lake Tennessee and our lakefront home, it was January 2000 and we approached heading west on County Road 559A, and let me just say it was stunning. 

We passed an orange grove, some cow pastures, and then came upon this beautiful spring-fed lake that was sprinkled with beautiful homes around it. My husband and I have lived here happily for 17 years this Valentine's Day, and we are currently enjoying raising our three children ranging in age from 12 to 15. 

We love our home, our lake and our city, but I feel as if our dreams are being squashed by leaders in our community who very well may permit a million-plus-square-foot warehouse to go in five doors down from us and directly across the street from our beautiful lake. 

I pray that we will continue to live here happily, but it won't be possible with a warehouse as a neighbor.

Those of you who are reading this and want to help save our community, please contact our elected officials of the city of Auburndale and let them know what you think of this disastrous idea of becoming the warehouse district instead of the city of beautiful lakes. 

Laura Ciaravino