Conflict of interest

Betsy DeVos was confirmed by 50 U.S. senators, 23 of whom received campaign contributions from her. She has personally donated $115,000 to the current crop of Republican senators since 1980. Those lawmakers received more than $950,000 from the full DeVos family over the same period.

Is there not a conflict of interest policy in Congress? In my consulting with the National Institutes of Health, I have a fairly extensive conflict of interest form to sign and maintain. If I have a conflict, I have to recuse myself. Wouldn't all U.S. citizens feel more comfortable with the process if they knew a similar conflict of interest policy were in place?

I would like to see legislation passed that would force congressional members to recuse themselves from voting on individuals who donated, or whose family donated, to their campaigns. This should garner bipartisan support.

David J. Burchfield



Free speech denied

President Trump has issued gag rules forbidding climate change findings from being shared on social media. While science deniers may cheer, this is so dangerous for our democracy and it equates to denying free speech. Thankfully, after the election when Trump wanted a list of all federal climate science employees, scientists copied all of their data to store in Canada.

But what about other facts Trump chooses not to believe? What agency employees will Trump want gagged next? Throughout his campaign and into his presidency, Trump used social media (and speeches and interviews) to tell proven lies. Will he keep tweeting his own “alternative facts” to override other real government statistics?

Liberals knew that all the spinmeisters would continue covering up for Trump. But all Americans should be scared since it’s now been proven that we can’t even trust Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, to tell the truth.

Christine Hester



Stop the negativity

I am extremely distressed with the negative coverage The Sun has given to President Trump. The editorial page is the worst of all.

Please give this man a chance to do something and stop accusing him of maybe doing something liberals don't like. Many of us could not stand Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, but we did not cry over it or continue to denigrate them when they surely needed it, especially Clinton with his behavior in the White House.

How dare The Sun allow continued challenges of misogyny and lying to be labeled against Trump, when the Clintons were a million times worse!

Snowflakes in Gainesville and all over the country are showing their ignorance about why Hillary Clinton lost, and it is all generated and encouraged by liberal university professors and the media. Just stop and report the news as it should be — without bias.

M.C. Richardson



Be very alert

In the short run, fear and anger wins out over common sense and decency. In the long run, everyone longs for good, solid common sense. Most people wish for a decent life but the lesson is that many people live with very short memories. They live with fear and anger. Fear and anger are habits, but they make very little sense.

Lesson two: Walls are a warning sign. People who build walls around their home will want walls around their country. Walls keep ideas out as well as people. Walls exclude progress, they exclude change and they enshrine old stale status quo. Turtles are well protected but very slow and stupid.

Lesson three: Shrill voices spouting outrageous thoughts scream loud but without meaning. They grow tiresome. But shout loud enough for long enough and people start to believe lies are truths.

Be alert America. Be very alert.

Peter Hyatt



Review and rethink

It is my sincere hope that Donald Trump proves to be what's called a useful idiot, overturning received wisdom left and right. Rather than giving him a chance, let's take the opportunity to review and rethink policies and positions ripe for improvement, pushing back when he oversteps his role.

Patricia Mason