Who's stopping Trump, gift a child a gift for life and Princess Meghan

Who’s checking Trump?

All I want for Christmas is a new president — one of sound mind and body who speaks the truth and is capable of steering our country away from the reefs that are tearing Americans apart.

Every day our ship of state has run aground over the president’s charting his courses, because he is too busy weaving his web of deceit about his past actions that may induce his impeachment.

Truth is essential to democracy. I wake each day and scan the news media to see what havoc he has wrought for our country, and sadly, I am never disappointed.

Where are those people in Congress who question the president’s actions? Certainly they should be held accountable for failing to inhibit the president’s actions and his dangerous agenda. Why the silence? Who speaks for the millions of us who views this president of incapable of holding his office?

Teresa Cook, Ocala


Give a gift for life

For most of us, the holiday season is a time to be with family and friends, sharing traditions and celebrations. But for children in dependency, it is a stark reminder of what it means to not have a family.

In the 5th Judicial Circuit, which includes Marion, Lake, Hernando, Sumter and Citrus counties, more than 2,100 children are involved with our local dependency courts due to abuse, neglect or abandonment. The majority have been removed from their homes due to their parents’ abuse of drugs and alcohol.

While most of these children reside with willing relatives, many are placed in foster or group homes, far away from things familiar. Far away from the usual and customary traditions the holiday season brings to most of us. Far away from the joy brought about by receiving a long-anticipated gift.

The greatest gift these children can receive beyond Dec. 25 is to either be reunified with their family or find their forever family through adoption.

As a volunteer Guardian ad Litem, we can help give a child a gift for life. As a trained volunteer, Guardians ad Litem are assigned to an abused or neglected child whose case is involved with the courts. They are charged with advocating for the child so that he/she is safe and protected and given the chance to live in a stable, loving home.

Guardian ad Litem volunteers make a profound difference in the life of a child. Research has shown that children with a GAL spend less time in out-of-home care, receive needed services to help them heal and are more likely to be adopted.

This Christmas season as you are with your family, remember those children without a family and give the gift that will last a lifetime — a voice for these children.

To find out more about volunteering as a Guardian ad Litem, visit our website at www.GuardianadLitem.org

Amarilys Ortega, assistant director of recruitment/training

5th Circuit Guardian ad Litem Program, Tavares


Princess Meghan

A front page article in the Star-Banner on Dec. 3 regarding Meghan Markle has started the racism comments about the future wife of Prince Harry of England. Errin Whack of the Associated Press wrote an article regarding Miss Markle being a black woman who will become a princess upon her marriage to Prince Harry. Why in the world would the article be printed on the front page of the Star-Banner?

Apparently the black women’s magazine, Essence, and their editor-in-chief, Vanessa DeLuca, are claiming a black woman will become a princess. Wrong. A beautiful and intelligent woman from a mixed marriage will become a princess. She is no more black than she is white. So, before all the bigots and racists start, let’s stop now.

Of course, there are those who want to claim heritage one way or another. President Obama was no more black than white. Society needs to recognize we are a people of many races. If the Queen of England can welcome her warmly into the royal family, why can’t the stupid racists do the same?

Finally, we should be proud an American young lady — and she’s a lady — can be a princess in England. Those in England are not playing the race card, so why doesn’t America shut up, just be happy that a beautiful, mixed-race young lady from America will become a princess in England. After all, the only people who matter in all of this is Prince Harry plus, the Royal Family and the people of England.

So people, you’re showing your own bigotry by playing the race card.

Bill Ford, Oak Run