I wonder a lot about what's going on with this BS Ranch fiasco.

Think about it. If someone came to you for a permit to establish a business and told you the business's purpose would be to "recycle human waste, rotted meats and vegetables and mulch" into a topsoil for farming, would you not know that there would be odors associated with it?

When would human waste ever not be associated with foul odors? Ninety-nine percent of all bathrooms you enter have deodorizers and/or exhaust fans. Why? Because there is odor involved with human waste. Yet these people were issued a legal permit to have human waste, rotted foodstuffs and mulch delivered to their facility for recycling.

They spent their money to improve the site and get it set to do business and actually operated the site for a while before the surrounding residents began complaining about the foul odors. Then began the cover-your-rump portion of this soap opera. It seems that no one who voted to grant the permit knew anything about any odors connected with human waste. Makes one wonder where they had been going to the bathroom.

Anyway, this ball was obviously dropped by the permit-issuers, and if they wish to close the business, it would only be right for them to buy the business out.

Yes, they would be using tax dollars to do so but it certainly wouldn't be the first time politicians wasted tax dollars, and voters could and should carry the memory of this head-scratcher to the polls during the next election.

Just don't walk away from this believing that the permit-issuers were hoodwinked in any way at all because it would be difficult to find a 6-year-old in Lakeland who didn't know that human waste reeked.

Alexander Kendziorski, Lakeland