I, along with I'm sure many other Americans, tire of the incessant, vitriolic attacks on President Donald Trump from virtually every print and broadcast medium along with a plethora of The Ledger's readers.

Contrast President Trump's treatment with that afforded the media darling Barack Obama. Even in the target-rich environment he fostered, no medium ever criticized him for anything. Any congressperson who criticized him was immediately labeled a racist. Obama was, without a doubt, the absolute worst president ever.

His entire presidency was predicated on lies, deceit and fraud. From Obamacare through illegally spying on American citizens, thereby corrupting the FBI, Department of Justice and intelligence agencies, he did his best to bankrupt and ruin the country. He is vicariously responsible for the ongoing class at Florida Gulf Coast University titled "white racism."

After languishing eight years in the antithesis of competence, it amazes me how anyone could criticize President Trump.

Raymond Church, Lakeland