If you have recently driven in the unincorporated areas of Polk County you can see the trash along the roadside. Travel down U.S. 17 or U.S. 27 or go east of Dundee and drive on Lake Mabel Loop, Canal Road, Tindelcamp Road and over to Waverly and Chalet Suzanne Road and just observe.

On Feb. 10, I saw not only hundreds of cans and bottles but also tires, plastic bags, paper, chunks of cardboard, a pillow, plastic buckets, a mattress and furniture. And it has mostly been this way for two months.

I am angry at the people who feel free to throw their personal trash out on public land and am disappointed in Polk County’s lax attention to cleanup.

How can we claim to love and have pride in a country that we neglect to keep free of litter?

Becky Norris, Lake Wales