Give snowbirds a pass (to the beach)


I went to renew my beach pass, but I was told I need a Florida driver’s license or a tax bill.

I am a Canadian snowbird who lives here for six months a year. We along with thousands of other snowbirds, including Americans, contribute a great deal to the Volusia County economy.

I find this unfair. I’m not sure, but I think there are many snowbirds (Canadian and American) who are not willing to fork out $100 for beach passes.

Just saying.

Pat Calver

Port Orange

The winning team

Only slightly more than 100 million people watched the Super Bowl. That’s less than a third of the nation’s population, and the lowest viewership since 2009. I wonder what happened.

Some sports teams have been referred to as America’s Team. Well, my team wears Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force and Coast Guard uniforms, and they keep me safe and free. And they wear blue and all of the other colors of our law enforcement teams, and they fight fires and swim out in deep waters and raging rip tides to pull drowning people to safety. And they are in the classrooms throughout our land dealing with unruly children, while taking abuse from undermining parents and non supportive administrators.

Those are my heroes and they are my team. I’ve been there and done many of those things, and I know the sacrifices that my teammates make for our country. I am pretty sure that my team stands for the flag and kneels only before God.

Charles Michael Sitero

Ormond Beach


Democracy at risk

There is an attack against our country coming from within, and it has nothing to do with the FBI, or any other government agency tasked with weeding out criminal behavior here and abroad. It has only to do with one very dishonest, self-serving man sitting in the White House and those members of the Republican Party who openly back his dangerous abuse of power.

How can the latter, who are assumed to be intelligent men and woman, not realize that their short-term gains will bring long-term losses to not only their country, but to them as well? Enabling the man in the White House as he attempts to use his power to stop an investigation into his shady behavior makes them a party to corruption. Restated, for private gain, our president’s enablers are willing to chance turning the United States of America into a Turkey, a Russia or a banana republic.

How many weak-minded people out there will come to believe that a free press is truly an “enemy of the people,” and that our system of laws and checks and balances are corrupt and thus not to be trusted? What if their point of view actually prevails? Would they be content to live in the diminished country that comes out of this? Will they be proud of the new America?

Noel J. Munson

Ponce Inlet


Swamp perils

I watched Sen. Rand Paul give an outstanding speech about the continuing resolution, passed by a careless Congress, which put the U.S. another $1.5 trillion in debt. President Obama ran for eight years on continuing resolutions. In fact, the last year the U.S. had a budget was 2001.

No wonder we owe China a debt we cannot pay. Congress spends like a drunken sailor. Paul rightly scorched Congress for lacking common sense: We give money to countries that hate us (such as giving Afghanistan millions for a natural gas filling station — it has no cars that use natural gas).

I would laugh at that, except it was Congress — elected by people voting for someone they knew nothing about. Those too stupid to vet politicians waste their vote. Our Congress seem to be going out of their way to prove the saying: “ If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

I praise Paul for standing up for the people. I want all to pay attention. If voters don’t vet those who run for office, they will suffer the consequences.

We may suffer the fate of Rome, losing a country while the politicians play their fiddles. I pray that voters give our president a Congress that will work for the people instead of the swamp — and that doesn’t vote for things it can’t pay for.

In November, if they don’t drain the swamp — Democrats and Republicans — the country may suffer a fate worse than death.

Donald Howell