Why not have

a military parade?

President Donald Trump has requested that a parade be held to honor our military.

I am all for him doing so!

We can’t seem to go a week without seeing riots, flag burnings or property destruction.

It’s time we see something that honors our military and country.

I don’t necessarily mean tanks.

But what about a parade with marchers from all branches of the military, bands, veterans of all past wars, wounded veterans, representatives from the academies, etc.?

My husband is a veteran of the Korean War, and I know that we would contribute to the cost of having such an event.

And we have friends who would agree to do so, too.

We’re with you, President Trump!

Sally Peterson, Georgetown


Small steps can

improve Downtown

I was pleased to read Mayor Lenny Curry’s recent, encouraging letter about Downtown Jacksonville — as well as an article about the LISC award winners.

The LISC event speaker spoke about loving the place you live, and touted small improvement efforts he called “love notes” — fun, engaging, small efforts everyone can enjoy.

Downtown murals are love notes.

I would ask City Council to create two specific love notes: one to eliminate one-way streets — and the other to install colorful recycling trash bins.

The bins especially would indicate civic pride and show that we love the place.

Small steps add up.

Sherry Magill, Jacksonville

Magill is the president of the Jessie Ball duPont Fund.


Liberal writer still goes

way over the top

A Times-Union letter writer well known for his over-the-top liberal views didn’t disappoint with his recent letter suggesting that President Donald Trump’s approach to immigration is lame.

I am still trying to determine what is so lame about it.

Is it the part where Trump wants to build a wall to prevent further illegal immigration? Or the part where Trump wants to deport people who have violated U.S. law to enter our country?

Neither idea seems lame to me.

On the contrary, they reflect the rule of law and good governance.

Don Rader, Ponte Vedra Beach


The president shows true

colors with his memos

The Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee sent a memo for presidential approval.

So did the Democrats on that committee.

The FBI and Justice Department objected to both memos.

Their complaints were identical.

President Donald Trump accepted the Republican memo prior to even having read it.

Yet he initially rejected the Democrats’ memo rebutting the Republicans’ memo, and demanded the Democrats make changes to it.

Trump isn’t just hypocritical — he seems to delight in being so.

Fred Mathis, St. Augustine