Big decisions

Gainesville is at a pivotal moment. There are many big decisions our city will be making in the next few years, and I believe Gail Johnson is the right person to help lead us through this.

I have been impressed with her understanding of the problems facing our city, her commitment to solving them, and the thoughtful and balanced way she approaches finding solutions. Her experiences are unique for our commission, and her priorities reflect the biggest issues we’re facing: reducing disparities between east and west, protecting our environment, expanding high-speed affordable internet access to everyone in our area, growing our small businesses and improving our downtown.

I hope to serve with Gail Johnson on the City Commission, and I encourage you to vote for her during early voting through March 17, and on Election Day, March 20.

Adrian Hayes-Santos, Gainesville


Prevent poor choices

I strongly support Harvey Budd in the race for the at-large City Commission seat. I have known Harvey a long time and found him to be a smart, hardworking and community-minded person.

For several decades he has been actively involved in community affairs serving on such boards as the Plan Board, the MTPO Advisory Board and the Alachua County Charter Review Commission. The knowledge acquired through this experience helps protect the city from making poor choices.

While land development codes may sound boring, they impact our community in many ways. The Standard is the poster child of canyon land development. People now recognize its negative impact. More than 1,500 beds are proposed for 13th Street between Third and Fifth avenues so traffic is only going to get worse.

Harvey was the lone dissenting vote against the land development code’s implementation because it allows future 10-12 story construction. Please join me in re-electing Commissioner Budd.

Dave Wilson, Gainesville


Time-change confusion

We are now in our first week of Eastern Daylight Saving Time, which is the same as Atlantic Standard Time. Our clocks now have the same time as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, which are on Atlantic Standard Time year round. The western panhandle is now on Central Daylight Saving Time, which is identical to Eastern Standard Time.

The Florida Legislature passed a bill to prevent the state from going through the twice yearly clock-change ritual, but that can only happen with congressional approval. That bill is flawed because it refers to permanent Daylight Saving Time. It is unlikely that Congress would allow Florida to be in its own unique time zone (EDT) in the winter.

The bill should have requested that eastern Florida permanently go to Atlantic Standard Time and the panhandle to Eastern Standard Time. It's the same effect, but with better standard names that help avoid confusion.

Russ Nekorchuk, Gainesville


Use your voice

I hope legislators, state and congressional, will wake up and take notice of the national student school walkout. Every one of those students has the potential to vote — some sooner than later.

In the November elections coming up, there will be many 18-year-olds with the memory of the Parkland shooting still fresh in their minds and an opportunity to have a real voice in our country.

Student leaders, get your fellow 18-year-olds to register and vote! You have a voice — use it!

Georgia "Pete" Vickers, Gainesville


Totalitarian tactics

As an enlisted veteran and retired federal employee, I share an oath with Donald Trump to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. As far as I am concerned, our current president sullied and dragged that oath through the mud by advocating the strong-arm tactics of totalitarian regimes at a recent Pennsylvania campaign rally.

Dennis W. Taylor, Gainesville


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