There have been many opinions lately about guns. People of all walks have shared their feelings on the latest shootings.

The Second Amendment was a security blanket for early settlers to protect themselves. This became the early years of the slingshot where young boys learned how to shoot to kill a squirrel for food, and took their slingshots to school in case an irate colonist charged into a school looking for his 12-year-old wife. When he would aim his flintlock gun at the teacher, the boys would take action with chestnuts in hand and unleash round after round of shots from their slingshots driving away the one-shot musket shooter.

Evolution is evolved from that and now a pretty teenager at a Parkland school faced an intruder to be gunned down with nine bullets. The students are the future generation, and they are doing the right thing by taking a stand just like the hippies did against Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson to end the slaughter of young Americans in the Vietnam War. The veterans have the youth to thank for saving their lives when senseless old men ruled the government.

The students are more intelligent and want to make this world a better place, want to clean up this gun issue.

If you want your Second Amendment, you can carry a slingshot in your sock or a keep a baseball bat under your bed. But remember what your mom said when you played with your slingshot. It is all fun till someone loses an eye. The young girl at Parkland could have another birthday with just one eye then not nine holes.

Gerry Brooks, Haines City