Inadequate support

On a recent morning, I heard someone on Morning Joe say "Our world is changing" and I agree that it is, but is it changing for the better?

Then I started reading The Sun and read an article that said Utah is the first state to pass a law legalizing free-range parenting! Huh? When I was 9 years old in New York City I took the subway from the Bronx down to Houston Street in lower Manhattan by myself several times a week in the late afternoons.

Then I turned to the editorial page and read about teaching teachers to shoot guns and apply tourniquets. Are we as a nation crazy?

We not only don't pay teachers an adequate wage, we don't support the school systems so that teachers can be adequately supplied with the tools necessary to give our children an adequate education. Will we be providing funds for guns and tourniquets?

Howard B. Rothman, Gainesville


Demand accountability

I would like to weigh in on the recent news that the Parkland shooter would like to give his inheritance to the victims of his shooting spree. He should not be allowed to present a feigned caring front for his victims and, in fact, should have his trust fund frozen to pay the exorbitant legal fees that the taxpayers of Florida will have to endure to give him his due process even though he has already confessed.

The parents and families of those lost should be outraged at this pitiful manipulation and the media’s promulgation of it. They should demand the accountability of those in law enforcement that let them down.

If we cannot hold the shooter accountable without countless hours of deliberation in court, we should still hold accountable the inept leaders that let this horrible tragedy occur when they could have stopped it. We need to quit blaming guns and sensationalizing these incidents to prove a flawed point.

Hollye G. Merton, Gainesville


Bad planning

Here's the current state of affairs for Alachua County, the city of Gainesville, their commissioners and planners, and the Community Redevelopment Agency. Planners: What's the worst intersection in Gainesville? Commissioners: Northbound 34th Street at University Avenue. CRA: We have a great idea! Let's recreate that mess on South Main Street. Planners: Awesome! Let's do this! Commissioners: Approved!

There should be an ordinance that requires that any time roads are modified to restrict traffic flow, that any member of government or private business that voted, or planned for, such traffic flow restrictions must use those roads at the busiest times of the day, during and after construction is finalized, for a period of no less than two years.

Lynn Towle, Gainesville


Thanks to voters

I want to thank the citizens of Archer for your overwhelming support of me as your next Archer city commissioner.

I look forward to serving all the citizens of Archer. I welcome citizens of Archer to bring your concerns, problems and new ideas to the commission.

I grew up in Archer, attended Archer Elementary School and graduated from Newberry High School. I raised my family and came back home to Archer, the place I love. For the last year I have enjoyed being actively involved in many functions of Archer and will continue my hard work as your commissioner.

Melanie Sue Wells, Archer


Wrong message

Haven’t we learned our lesson? First it was “Old Joe” and then Corrine Brown. Now we are looking to name something, anything, after Tom Petty.

I get it — he’s Gainesville’s own. But the sad fact is he killed himself with drugs. Is that really the message we want to send our children?

Ed Mann, Raiford


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