Society is going to the dogs    

EDITOR: Several times a year, my wife and I, along with friends, enjoy going to the dog track in Daytona. It is a nice place, good food, pleasant atmosphere watching the greyhounds parade out, the rabbit take off and the dogs run. The mostly senior crowd eats its lunch, studies the racing sheet that gives info on each dog, places its bets and watches each race. Most neither win nor lose much, but is enjoyable, quiet entertainment. It is a dog race, not a dog fight.

Now, the busybodies want to ban dog racing, as they also want to ban the beautiful horse-drawn carriages in our town. Most of us of a given age had a dog growing up. We fed them, cared for them and we were fond of them as dogs. We did not confuse or equate them with human children as the Snowflake generation seems to do.

This generation does not seem capable of making the distinction.

Too many have rejected their history and replaced it with nothing.

Their confusion is a great boon to the pet industry, veterinarians and builders of dog parks. Be it animals or people (PETA protests cooking lobsters), we have become the most risk-adverse society in the history of mankind. We cannot risk hurting (micro or macro) anyone’s feelings or engage in any activity that has any element of risk — either to people or animals. We have coloring books and safe spaces for college kids less they hear something that displeases them. At this rate future children will be dressed in helmets, flak jackets, steel-toed shoes and told to hide under their beds to avoid risk.

Dear busybodies and animal rights wackos, go away and leave us to our harmless entertainments.

William Duddy, St. Augustine