Random thoughts on

eight interesting topics

• Nikki Haley is doing such a great job as our ambassador to the United Nations that she may someday be our first female president.

• Former FBI Director James Comey may be the most corrupt person to ever lead a major federal agency.

• Will the people of Palestine ever stop using their children as rock throwing pawns sent out to be killed — and start sending them to school to learn what their parents are not teaching them?

• Will the Democrats ever stop obstructing and allow President Donald Trump’s administration to govern our country?

• Will the nations of Europe — or most of them, anyway — ever have the vision to stop allowing radicals to overrun their countries?

• The Times-Union made a serious mistake by not having more tributes to mothers during Mother’s Day last Sunday.

• Is Attorney General Jeff Sessions too weak to be effective? When will he stop letting the wrong people control him?

• Will Mitt Romney and Sen. John McCain ever get over the fact that Trump is our president, and truly support the Republican Party?

John Carson, Jacksonville Beach


Why doom youth offenders

to living like outcasts?

The recent Another View piece by Julia Myron, which questioned the use of the direct file system, was excellent.

Myron really struck a chord when she noted the injustice of dooming children to lifelong repercussions that include not being able to vote, acquire public housing, easily find employment and more — all of which makes any attempt at rehabilitation less likely to ever succeed.

They are truly outcasts.

And they know it, too, and act accordingly.

For society to deny them a fair chance once they have paid their debts to society only results in making the problem that much worse.

Alan Pease, Jacksonville


Women’s lives devalued

in Medicare system

I have another banner to raise for the “MeToo” movement: the discrimination against women with Medicare benefits.

I am 70, and I recently received a bill for an exam I had in June 2017. Yes, it took a year for me to receive the billing — and Medicare did not cover a penny. During that 2017 exam, I was told the cost of my pap smear wouldn’t be covered because I had one in 2016, but that the cost of the GYN annual wellness exam would be. However, it wasn’t, and I have learned that Medicare will not cover any part of the GYN exam except for those done every other year.

Out of curiosity, I checked the men’s equivalent exam — a prostate and rectal exam — for Medicare coverage. It is covered every year!

They say that statistically speaking, women don’t get cervical cancer or other problems as often after they reach 65. But that just means we have to wait until we show symptoms to be checked — and by then it could be too late.

I believe two things are very clear:

● The lives of women are not valued as equally as those of men.

● It is still primarily men who make the rules that affect the health of women in this country.

Sandy Biggs, Jacksonville