Highest and best use for plant

As to the loss of manufacturing jobs at Sea-Ray in Flagler Beach, we should be entertaining the possibility of the explosive growth of the cannabis industry. The three-building site would be perfect for growing cannabis for medicinal and recreational usage along with the many, many needs from the production of hemp.

(OUR VIEW: Life after Sea Ray)

Look to our neighbors in the north, Canada, and see their embracing of marijuana. There has been a large backing from major corporations, and just recently the Bank of Montreal signed loan agreements to further expansions. We need forward thinkers in our counties, not just the same old same old. For the record, I have never smoked tobacco or marijuana!

Larry Phelan, Palm Coast


Innocent victims

I was taken aback by the callousness and presumptuousness of the letters entitled “Immigration pawns” and “Parents’ error” in The News-Journal’s July 7 edition. The children subjected to the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy are described, on one hand, as being used by their parents as “pawns for sympathy,” and, on the other, as victims of their parents’ lack of education or foresight. Apparently, the absolutely horrific conditions prevailing in their countries of origin have little to do with their plight.

And even if their parents are devious or dumb, the children are still children.

Dick Garber, Ormond Beach

Trump leads

New cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome, or TDS, are on the rise nationwide, with heavy concentrations on the East and West coasts. Local cases appeared last weekend in the letters section.

Symptoms include the inability to accept that Donald Trump won and is still winning, along with the misconception that their misguided opinions are shared by most Americans. Groups suffering from TDS include Hillary lovers; esteemed politicians including Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters; and the mainstream media, who recently cemented their reputation as the public relations arm of the Democratic National Committee.

Sunday’s TDS letter writers’ criticisms included the president needing to tone down his rhetoric, stop lying so much, quit vilifying the media and don’t embarrass us overseas.

While some don’t care for Trump’s delivery, there is no question as to which side of an issue the man stands. Donald Trump doesn’t vote “present.” As far as telling the truth, who was it who said, “If you like your doctor, you get to keep your doctor”? After watching the media bludgeon President George W. Bush for eight years without a peep in response, it’s amusing to notice that they don’t like it when the piñata hits back.

Lastly, our image on the world stage is now crafted by a strong personality who doesn’t back down and has nothing but the best interest of our country in mind. No drawing lines in the sand. No leading from behind. Just making America great again for our children and grandchildren.

Brian Smith, Ormond Beach