I had the pleasure of watching a movie on TV recently called "The Gallant Hours" with James Cagney as U.S. Navy Adm. William "Bull" Halsey Jr. It was about the men in the Marines and Navy fighting the Japanese on Guadalcanal. We lost tens of thousands of lives on land and sea, all in the name of freedom for their loved ones in the greatest country, the United States.

When I see the protesters at our borders and in Congress, they all need to start thinking about the sacrifices these men paid for with their lives. We have lost thousands of husbands and sons. They gave their lives fighting to preserve our way of life.

After several wars, many young people have given nothing to America but complaints and their hands out wanting more and more freebies. They stupidly listen to politicians offering the moon to them. Food stamps, welfare, unemployment benefits, free college and then they live at home because they're too lazy to find a job.

How sad our young people are getting used and then kicked to the curb by the politicians after they've got what they wanted out of them. Wise up, kids, there ain't no freebies out there; someone is paying with their blood and lives to support your sad, misguided lives.

Robert Reese, Winter Haven