Roadway project is an

utter embarrassment

I’ve just come back from driving on Interstate 295 where the beltway widening project has been taking place between the Buckman Bridge and Interstate 95 south.

What a terrible roadway.

You can hardly drive 100 feet without being bounced all over the place, and this is on freshly paved road!

Where are the state’s highway engineers in all of this? Don’t they have a responsibility to protect the citizens of Florida? The driving public?

This roadway is an embarrassment, and heads should roll if improvements are not made.

Bill Mackey, St. Johns

Florida pays the price for

Scott’s environmental policies

Gov. Rick Scott’s attack on Florida’s environment began in 2010, and now Florida is suffering from the worst algae blooms since 2006.

It didn’t have to happen. But it did happen.

And it happened because Scott:

• Slashed the budgets of the departments charged with environmental oversight.

• Ordered that any references to climate change be eliminated from state reports.

• Ignored repeated warnings in 2016 that algae blooms would occur.

The results of Scott’s inaction?

The images of green sludge and dead manatees, sea turtles and fish have been viewed all over the world.

And Floridians are paying the price in lost tourism, fewer jobs, diminished property values, negative health effects and costly cleanups.

The algae blooms are instigated when water that is adulterated with chemical run-off from farms, ranches and sugar plantations is released from Lake Okeechobee into rivers and canals. The imbalance of the tainted water, coupled with high water temperatures, results in the blooms.

A lake cleanup was scheduled to mitigate this problem, but The Orlando Sentinel has reported that pressure from Big Sugar in 2016 prompted Scott’s administration to push back the deadline for the lake cleanup another 20 years.

Another 20 years of slimy, environmentally disastrous and economically devastating algae blooms — with Floridians picking up the tab.

And now Scott wants to be our senator? Hasn’t he already done enough damage to Florida?!

Carol Rizzardi, Palm Coast