Who said that we senior citizens can't find a job?

The actual result for job hunting is suddenly showing that the fast-food industry wants and needs educated, well-dressed, well-mannered employees.

They no longer need to pay $15 an hour to a dropout who can't make change, who can't get to work on time, who's not depending on a parent for transportation to work.

That means there is going to be work for hundreds of thousands of seniors who want to work. They won't be looking to join a union, they won't have the need for full-time work, and they all desire to do an honest day's work for the job.

Can you imagine putting down a couple of pennies when the bill is $1.52 and not having the cashier stand in a stupor wondering what they should do with two pennies, and then never having your change actually counted back to you.

Robert Reese, Winter Haven