Thank you, Kelly Bare, for rebuking Mayor Bill Mutz for wanting to give hardworking Lakeland taxpayers’ money to bums ["Move homeless missions far away from downtown," Sept. 20].

A bum by any other name is still a bum: homeless, hobo, tramp, vagrant, loafer, freeloader, idler. Bums choose drugs, booze, idleness and other sins over work and their duty to be good citizens. Every man has a duty to society to support himself and not burden the state. But bums demand rights; they refuse responsibilities. Bums demand the right to be a public burden instead of a public blessing.

Mutz is a bleeding-heart who favors idlers that burden our community over hardworking citizens who are a blessing to the community. Mutz replaces sound judgment with politically correct redistribution of wealth disguised as “compassion.”

Unfortunately, “ministries” have made Lakeland a mecca for bums. These ministries reward the lazy and encourage them to disobey the Biblical work ethic. Paul commanded that “If any would not work, neither should he eat.” Neither Jesus nor His disciples ever fed the lazy.

Wise men simply do not tolerate the idle living off the labor of workers.

Shame on Mayor Mutz for wanting to burden hardworking taxpayers to reward the lazy!

Karen Pansler Lam, Lakeland