Walt Back’s letters "Vote GOP to hit the brakes on socialism" [Sept. 30] is so full of disinformation regarding the national debt, immigration, civil rights, the NFL and others. But I have only the space to deal with one of them: his disdain for government spending.

He seems to misunderstand the word “socialism.” In short, it means that control and ownership of all production belongs to the workers and/or the government. (No private ownership!)

I respectfully suggest that the word “socialism” as used by conservatives is usually a code word for being against any help to the less fortunate and any attempt to correct economic and social injustices.

Conservatives used to demonize the term “liberal,” but now that tens of millions of us proudly wear that label, they merely have substituted the term “socialism” instead, hoping to frighten the same people who somehow were frightened by the word “liberal.”

They love certain government spending, but then only that they like. They love massive tax cuts for the rich and fighter jets that the military does not even want, but disdain money for food stamps, health care, education, a safe environment and so much more.

Again, that term is usually nothing more than a code word to frighten voters against a fairer and more just society. So when you hear that word, please note their real motive.

Tim Zeak, Lakeland