It was disappointing to read in the Nov. 4 Ledger that four Lakeland city commissioners had voted to spend $225,000 of our city funds to move the Confederate statue from Munn Park because the sight of it offended a few self-appointed minority activists who initially boasted that their flock would provide all of the money necessary to move it out of their sight.

Our newly elected City Commission assured us all earlier this year that the city definitely would not be paying the cost to move it. The four benevolent commissioners (Mayor Bill Mutz and Commissioners Justin Troller, Don Selvage and Phillip Walker), who appear to be devoid of any sense of reality, have set a very bad precedent for all future whiners who feel offended by anything else they see and demand that it be removed at the city's expense.

But the four commissioners did provide us with one useful lesson: we sure as hell can't afford any more of them at the next election.

John A. Causey, Lakeland