I am responding to Juliet Linderman’s Associated Press article in The Ledger about LGBTQ “hero” Matthew Shepard having his ashes interred at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. ["Ashes of LGBTQ movement symbol Shepard laid to rest," Oct. 27].

The preacher at Matthew’s service was Gene Robinson, the first homosexual Episcopal Bishop. What Bishop Robinson did not say at the service was this: According to a homosexual investigative reporter and ABC’s 20/20, Matthew Shepard was most likely killed 20 years ago not because he was a homosexual. A strong case can be made that it was a drug deal gone wrong.

The LGBTQ community wants to perpetuate the myth that Matthew Shepard was a hero. Let's mourn his death but don't lift him up to be something he wasn't.

Jeff Winter, Haines City