My 4-year-old daughter is autistic. I took her to "Truck or Treat" put on by the Lakeland Fire and Police departments. Upon arriving I knew she would not be able to handle the large crowd. We left with a broken-hearted little girl.

I stopped at a store and got some treats and drove over to Station No. 7 by the airport. I explained the situation and asked if my child could come in, say "trick or treat" and see the trucks. The firefighter not only said yes, he went and put on his full turnout gear and welcomed her in.

I am so unbelievably moved by what this firefighter did for my child. They were getting ready to turn in. He did not owe us anything. But his kindness and gentle approach with my daughter did not go unnoticed.

He showed her the trucks, took pictures with her and she got to say "trick or treat." I don't know his name, but I will never forget our hero fireman that rescued a sad little girl this Halloween.

Upon leaving she told me, "Mommy, I was really brave and this was the best Halloween ever!" Thank you Station No. 7 for your kindness and for what you do for our community day in and day out.

Melissa Davis, Lakeland