I believe Joe Midzalowski lived in an unusual neighborhood ["Polk Perspective: The misguided complaints about the ‘polyglot’," Oct. 6]. For four generations, my family lived in the Polish area on the south side of Pittsburgh. Without fail, ethnicities cleaved. No one mixed as alleged in his Polish neighborhood. It was a very good thing.

Killing a bear not in defense is reprehensible ["Haven man recalls historic hunt," Oct. 5]. The euphemism "taken" is much better than "blew its brains out." That event rivals the "taking" of the last white moose in North America stuffed and previously on display at a defunct store in Murphy, N.C., the Moose Hollow Trading Company, and having a plaque extolling the greatness of the slaughterer.

Ronald Blair should know the folks who lied during the disgusting confirmation process of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was a woman named Christine Blasey Ford and the Democratic senators who, by omission, didn't admit Kavanaugh was correct when he accused them of engineering an 11th-hour smear campaign ["Checks and balances fade into memory," Oct. 16].

Raymond Church, Lakeland