The commissioners who voted to move the Munn Park Confederate statue have used and abused taxpaying citizens.

The appeasement they have made reminds me of appeasements that lead up to World War II. Appeasement never works. It only emboldens those who practice appeasement.

This is not the last demand that will be made. It will continue more aggressively than ever. Groups seeking appeasement use their skill for aggrandizement of ego power. The commissioners who supported paying for this move with red-light violation money showed what utter disregard they have for the intellect of the taxpayer. They used taxpayer money and thought of the taxpayer as dupes who thought it to be “free money.”

This money could have been used for many purposes of much more value to the safety and security of the citizens. Examples include the many in need of help with medical, food, shelter, education, veterans, law and fire departments and other short-changed priorities.

Spending taxpayer money to appease is the signature of a coward. Sooner or later, the next appeasement demand will be hatched. The commissioners should endeavor to make rational decisions for the taxpayer, not emotional, irrational decisions with taxpayer money.

David Velegol, PE, Winter Haven