I’m confused. I see that Donald T. Milligan is a person who takes a spoken word as truth ["What do Democrats ultimately stand for?" letter, Nov. 23].

Milligan wants to know what the Democrats will do, and because of this we see an issue that millions of Americans have. Americans are choosing to take certain exuberant language and promises as an absolute truth. We are allowing language to become the end to a means and choosing to list appeal as the ultimate form of knowledge, instead of focusing on what the country needs. Everything that President Donald Trump promised did not and does not reveal who he was speaking to as he was not speaking to the United States, but to Trump’s America.

Trump promised low taxes for the top 1 percent, lower business regulations for his tycoon friends, a Supreme Court justice who cannot react calmly and coherently when faced with his past who will support the Constitution for his wishes, as interpreted, while ultimately completely isolating the country and letting no one out nor in.

Trump has utilized his words to incite reaction and justify his lack of action for the majority, while simultaneously ignoring the minority. We cannot let empty words determine and dictate our deteriorating future.

Crystal Katherine Alcalde, Poinciana