I read Frank Cerabino’s Palm Beach Post article “No school needed for pol overseeing Florida's schools?” (Tuesday). I think my jaw is now permanently lowered. I can't believe that Florida tax revenues appropriated for public education are going to be overseen by someone with absolutely no qualifications for the position.

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Isn’t there some ethical statute that requires anyone who chairs a Florida House committee, and especially the House Committee that directly affects our children’s futures, to possess professionally recognized qualifications for the job?

Would it also be perfectly legal governance if the Florida House leaders appointed someone who was illiterate and suffered from dyscalculia to head the House’s Banking and Insurance Committee?

I find Jennifer Sullivan’s appointment to head the House’s Education Committee an extremely troubling decision made with incompetence. However, considering the comedy that's going on in Washington, D.C., with unqualified and destructive department head appointments, this ineptitude may be the new norm for choosing the Republican Party’s leadership positions.

Bret A. Bennett, Royal Palm Beach


Carbon-dividend bill

is a win-win for all

As a worried citizen of Florida and the world, I am delighted that the Palm Beach Post is supporting the Invading Sea initiative. Three of our Florida congressmen, Ted Deutch, Charlie Crist and Francis Rooney are among the bipartisan sponsors of the recently introduced Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

This legislation will be a great step forward in alleviating the problem. Putting a fee on fossil fuels at their source will create, in the long run, the economy-enhancing search for other energy sources. The dividend portion of the bill will provide funds to households who will be impacted, initially, by increased costs.

This is a win-win for all of us -- and for our planet.

Susan Kaye, Boca Raton


What happened to

'Mexico will pay'?

Why is Donald Trump asking Congress for $5 billion to fund his wall. I clearly remember him telling the country at every campaign event and rally that Mexico will pay for the wall. When he asked all those at his rallies "Who will pay for the wall" and they all shouted out "Mexico," that indicates that everyone there expected Mexico to pay.

Since they all believed what Trump promised them, let them all pay for the wall. Not me and my taxes.

Rosalie Garber, Boynton Beach